Many engineering organizations are facing major challenges in the design and delivery of complex products. Often these challenges arise as a result of the engineering system being made of multiple subsystems, each designed and developed independently. When assembled together, they present issues that could have been avoided early-on through virtual integration in a system-level simulation environment. This Webinar illustrates system-level modeling techniques that accelerate model development while increasing model fidelity and simulation performance using technology that simplifies the complexity arising from multi-domain systems. Models developed with these techniques offer greater fidelity, with less development effort, and substantially faster real-time execution speed. FLSmidth, a global supplier of equipment and services for the cement and minerals industries, discovered the advantages of system-level modeling while working with @[106201359417369:274:MapleSoft]’s Engineering Solutions team on the development of their new Dual Truck Mobile Sizer: an innovative mining machine for onsite crushing of waste material for rapid transportation. Webinar attendees will hear about how the level of design detail and the amount of insight the team gained enabled the company to revolutionize this stage in the mining process. More information and registration:

from FB-RSS feed for ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

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